Outdoor Recreation
Branding & Destinations


Over the last year, the I-22 Corridor Strategic Development Project team has been engaging with community stakeholders to create greater opportunities for the region. Two areas of focus currently include:

  1. Developing a unifying tourism brand for the region
  2. Defining options for physical destinations in the area

The team identified a few common themes shared across communities–beautiful nature, friendly people, handcrafted materials, and historical moments. With all four counties tied to other regional-based tourism and economic development brands, building a unifying brand around outdoor recreation and natural beauty has been identified as an opportunity for growth and development.

At its basic level, tourism development involves creating strategies and plans to inspire people to visit and experience a destination. By Identifying and building upon the things, places, and stories that already exist in the region, the community can develop unique experiences around these assets to encourage visitors to come and stay longer.

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