Alabama's I-22 Region

Trip Itineraries

Plan your next road trip through Alabama’s I-22 Region!

These itineraries are perfect for a 36-hour adventure through the region.

Arts, Music, Makers

Creative culture inspired by rural charm.

The makers, artists and musicians of Alabama’s I-22 Region are built on tradition. Tradition is hand-crafted by 10th generation potters who are using the last known standing mule-powered pug mill in the U.S.

History & Heritage

A rich slice of Americana centuries in the making.

Alabama’s I-22 Region has a deep and diverse history, from the Indigenous peoples who built mounds as centers of cultural activity, to the families split in the Civil War, and the coal miners who found some of the best domestic seams available in the United States.

Outdoors & Nature

Magical adventures in awe-inspiring nature.

Alabama’s I-22 Region lives deep in nature filled with plenty of opportunities for recreation and exploration. The region’s rolling hills and rushing headwaters sit along scenic routes perfect for road-tripping.